Happy Christmas 2014 Escape Game

Happy Christmas 2014 Escape

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Happy Christmas 2014 Escape is a game in which it's Christmas day. You have everything prepared, all your house got decorated in a Christmas style. But while you were waiting for guests, someone trapped you inside the house. You wanted to go out to check if your guests have arrived, when you realized that you are locked in. You have no idea how could this happen and what to do. All you can think about now is to explore the house and find some useful items which could help you escape. Search between all those Christmas decorations and collect every useful item to escape from the house. Best of luck!



  1. Date: December 26, 2014
    Author: dewed
    Bottles puzzle was messing up. I had them in the wrong order. But when I put them back in inventory, one became missing. So I backed up and went in again. This time 3 bottles were in the place where the 4th one was. But still missing the one that disappeared.

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