Happy Caterpillar Escape

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There is this newly discovered species of caterpillar here near the village and that’s why experts have come from different departments to classify it. It was actually a very rare kind of caterpillar and because it was rare, it needs to be taken care of delicately. Assigned to that was this villager who has experience of taking care different types of insects and of course he will very much take that job. That person was Edwin and he was provided with everything he needed to let this caterpillar thrive and probably even evolve and reproduce. But guess something happened that day though and that only added to his job there.

Edwin lost the caterpillar and when he tried to find it, he found it and he never thought it would be there! Edwin found this caterpillar inside a receptacle there in the village and he tried to open it but sadly he couldn’t! Well he can’t just bust that thing there so he can get to the caterpillar, that’s because this isn’t his and the owner could get mad if its damaged. As a good villager, Edwin will just try his best to open that receptacle there so he can free the caterpillar. Escape players, want to play as Edwin here and see if you can help in getting that caterpillar out? Be very careful with it now, for this creature here is not only fascinating, but also very rare.

Happy Caterpillar Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Caterpillar Escape

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