Happy Bear Escape

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The village here is really not located in Australia, that’s why the resident koala there is one exquisite animal and probably the only one in the country here. As the owner, Greg just allows this koala of his but just in the vicinity and it knows not to go further than the trees that’s in the area. Everyone is delicate to it too and that’s good as well, most adults are just fascinated with it even though they have helped take care of the creature delicately for years since it got there. One normal day however for the first time, something happened to it and really Greg was then on it!

The koala yelled from inside one of the houses there and as Greg got to the place, he noticed that it was locked and surely then he knows the koala is trapped! Greg is now picking his pace here for he doesn’t want his beloved pet to get hurt and really nobody else can help it now, for most people are inside their houses and this house here is currently unoccupied. Escape players, Greg is going to try his best to get his trapped pet koala here, want to help-out so that he can collect his koala even quickly and safely?

Happy Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Bear Escape

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