Hammer Warrior Escape Game

Hammer Warrior Escape

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The old army has a diversity of warriors, experts in different weaponry, but they are getting older now so they were tasked to help the new generation with their techniques and one of those warriors was an expert in hammer weapons. He can still fight definitely and he is actually the most formidable warrior in the army, but one day though people have become concerned for they could no longer find the guy, he seem to have disappeared! Taurus who was an old friend of the hammer warrior was also concerned and it especially escalated when he caught wind that the warrior got captured by the enemy!

Luckily, Taurus was an expert in espionage and infiltration that's how he finally confirmed that the rumor was actually true! The warrior is behind a giant door which belongs to the enemy and he reckons he is being tortured in there for information. Taurus knows his friend and he won't spill no matter what, but he can't let his friend suffer though and that's why he'll use his skills here. Escape players, Taurus is going to do a rescue inside enemy lines, will you be able to join him and help-out on this dangerous rescue?

Hammer Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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