Hamlet Old House Escape Game

Hamlet Old House Escape

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Ken had this old hamlet house to stay in temporarily for he was visiting the countryside and it's good, for even though there is no normal accommodation there, the place was definitely good enough to stay in. Ken made himself at home in the classical house, the living-room was cozy and the ambiance as well. But as when Ken was relaxing however for he just got there and later he will see more sights of the place, he experienced a problem and it was quite the concerning one indeed!

Ken could no longer get out of the house for the doors were now mysteriously locked! Ken didn't want to break anything in the place, that's why he tried to solve this thing gently for it could just be a simple problem easy to fix, still Ken is expecting the worst here just in case. Escape players, Ken is going to try and escape the place as calmly as possible for he still wanted to stay in the place, he just wants to know what happened and by escaping he thinks he'll get some answers then.

Hamlet Old House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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