Hallowen Restaurants Escape Game

Hallowen Restaurants Escape

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Escape players, come and join this adventure around the restaurant with us. Hallowen Restaurants Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun!

Taylor just got a tip that one of the magical Halloween treasures which she had been looking for in years is located inside a specific restaurant in the city! That's a pretty unusual place for a precious treasure to sit, well nobody would expect it to be in there though and it's actually a pretty good location to hide. Well Taylor isn't going to be fooled though especially that she got info about it from a very reputable source, but on her retrieval here she must be very careful not to cause alarm and catch the attention of the people that's there.

Escape players, Taylor knows how valuable and powerful those treasures can become, it even has the power to wipe-out an entire city if used in a specific way, Taylor doesn't want that to happen, that's why she needs to get that one and the rest as well. Want to join Taylor here as she retrieves a treasure from a restaurant in the middle of a very populated city. Good luck everyone and stay alert for you don't know what preparations they have done there to stop anyone from getting that Halloween treasure.



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