Halloween Wooden Room Escape Game

Halloween Wooden Room Escape

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Harriet saw a black cat go inside the old wooden house which people in the village where she lives not to go, but she loves cats and she does not care what color that cat is, a cat is a cat and she wants to have it. It was a Halloween night and she shouldn't be out and about, for things that goes bump in the night are also out and about. And so, Harriet enters the place where the cat went and when she saw that it was not a place for her for the rooms are actually spooky, she quickly turned back! But unfortunately, there was a problem about that for she couldn't.

Harriet discovered the doors to be locked and now she couldn't escape! The cat was just there roaming around, but because she saw the house very spooky, her concentration was to escape from there and not at the animal. She really brought herself some trouble there and she really regret that she entered. What was she thinking anyways? Now she needs your help escape players, for her safety is at risk. Will you join her then and see if you can all make it out of the place before the owner of the house emerges from who knows where? Who knows what kind they are too so be very careful.

Halloween Wooden Room Escape is the newest point and click spooky indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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