Halloween Witch Castle 05

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There is this castle near the village and it’s off-limits to people. Why ever so? Well that’s because the wicked witch lives there and she is not very welcoming to people and would be wrathful to them. Nowadays though she keeps her powers to herself for she is getting weaker and older after hundreds of years of living and her abilities are focused mostly on keeping her alive. Not everyone though stays away from her, for there was this person who works for her and well it’s actually a bargain which keeps the people safe in the village.

This bargain was only between Jack and the witch, they had made a pact that if he offers his services to the witch she would stop hurting the people or tormenting them. She still has the power to do so actually, and upon agreeing with that she seems to be keeping her end of the bargain and peace is maintained in the land. That day even she has another task for Jack, but this one was kind of peculiar though and a bit mysterious. Still he’ll do it for it’s a request and he must also keep his end of the deal. Escape players, want to see whatever this task here and see if you can help-out on that with Jack?

Halloween Witch Castle 05 is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Witch Castle 05

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