Halloween Trick Or Treat Escape Game

Halloween Trick Or Treat Escape

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For this year's Halloween, you aim to fill two buckets of yummy candies. So, you went to the castle downtown for your trick or treat. The kids are afraid to go there because they say it's spooky. But for you, there's nothing spooky for the sake of the yummy treat. So, you knocked on the door and moments later, the door opened. Seems like you hit the jackpot because the castle is massive. There are candies on the table but there's nobody in the room. You stick to your goal so you went inside without permission. But if you think that you really hit the candy jackpot, you are wrong. Those candies are just bait. This castle is owned by a real vampire and he wants to have you as his dinner. This is not a part of your goal so you have to escape from there.

The thing is, the door in this castle won't open. So, you have to look for clues and objects that can help you to solve this puzzle as quick as possible. Play Halloween Trick Or Treat Escape outdoor escape game from Zoo Zoo Games and don't let yourself become a yummy treat. Good luck!

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