Halloween Spooky Door Escape Game

Halloween Spooky Door Escape

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Halloween Spooky Door Escape is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun with the adventures with us!

There is a house in the forest which everyone avoids, but even though the stories are present, John and his friends have visited the place at least a few times but nothing would ever come-up there, just a boring old structure and it wasn't even that creepy. John's curiosity is killing him now for every time he goes there he feels something is up in that place and it's not letting him sleep. So one evening, it was Halloween and he could have picked a better time to visit the house again, and because his friends wouldn't come with him especially at this time, he went there alone.

John finally arrives in the place and there he knew it, the house was indeed something, for it is now lighting-up with the hue of violet! He knew it, he just knew it, so he entered it but unfortunately something happened in the place while he was in and he just thought he shouldn't have come and prove he is right, but at least he is now at peace with his thoughts. Escape players, John got trapped in the spooky house and now he needs help! Join John here and good luck with the scary escape.


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