Halloween Spider Cave Escape

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Deep in the land, there is a cave and it’s said to be housing some enchanted things which nobody has ever uncovered. For Derek however, how can the legend of the so called spider cave be if nobody had ever been to it before? Well he is going to change that, for he will go himself and discover the place to see what it holds. Well little did he know it only held frights and uncertainty which has a high probability of leading people to their doom!

Derek enters the cave and travels through the tunnel there, he followed it and he has no fear really, for he had set a guideline. Well that guideline however will not last, for when he noticed that it got slack, he found that it had been cut! Okay, this is not good, something might be in this place and is now playing with him. Derek needs to escape now for he is fearful for his safety. Escape players, will you guide him out of there then and quickly? This will not be easy now, for Derek has no guideline and he can push himself deeper into the caves by mistake. Be ready for anything then and be very careful.

Halloween Spider Cave Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game released by Big Escape Games.

Walkthrough video for Halloween Spider Cave Escape


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Joanna Pachla
Joanna Pachla
2 months ago

the chopper doesn’t cut the pumpkin