Halloween Skeleton House Escape Game

Halloween Skeleton House Escape

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The house in the far-end of the neighborhood have somehow turned different for now the place has skeleton designs and Halloween decors. Is this what they do to the uninhabited and scary house every Halloween? How they do it thought, for the place is rumored to be haunted and nobody would dare get near it especially the ones who knows the place. Well that might be the answer, those decorators might not have an idea what they are decorating on but judging by the looks of the house, it also looks real like it's not at all decors!

As one of the curious persons of the house, Freddie decided he'll finally go near it and if he sees a chance, he'll probably enter the place too for he was very curious of it. As Freddie gets near, he deems it safe first and so he finally decided to enter the place. Unfortunately for him, the safe thing is only outside the house for the inside is indeed real and that's when the enchantments of the place started to come-out and haunt Freddie! Freddie really had the fright of the century there in the house and it so happens to be Halloween too. Still Freddie has a chance to get himself out of there before that slim chance finally disappears. Escape players, will you help Freddie here escape the now haunting place before he faints or something?

Halloween Skeleton House Escape is another new point and click scary indoor escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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