Halloween Scary Place Escape Game

Halloween Scary Place Escape

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It's nearing Halloween. Back in your country, you don't really celebrate Halloween much. Mostly, it's for those who have enough money to spend on candies and costumes. On times like this, you really like walking around to look at the costumes. Some of them totally freaks you out. But some also makes you laugh and smile. The variety is what you enjoy. Even if you're not joining, you still need to prepare your candies. So you walk to the nearby store to have a fill of candies to be given away. The store keeper walks to the back to get a new pack. Suddenly, a portal appears in front of you. You're in awe of the technology the store keeper uses for this effect. So you try putting your hand inside the portal. Then a strong force pulls you in and you spin very fast.

Then it stops. You don't feel really good like you're about to puke. But all that feeling vanishes when you see a scary castle standing in a distance. You're thinking maybe you've been electrified or something. But when you feel the cold breeze, you know you're not in your own world anymore. Looking at the surrounding, you know the only way out is to fulfill what is required. Play Halloween Scary Place Escape room escape game by Top 10 New Games.


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