Halloween Scary Ghost Rescue Game

Halloween Scary Ghost Rescue

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You just came from the movie house to watch a film. It is about a ghost but it is not a horror film. From there, you learn that not all ghosts are bad. There are also friendly ghosts just like the character in the film. It was such a nice film and you decide to walk home. While you were on the way home, you saw something. You thought that is it just a shadow. But when you looked closely, you realize that it is a ghost. You believe that the ghost is a good ghost and all it wants is to escape from its grave and go to a better place. A little help can get it to a better place but that is not an easy thing to do. There are lots of puzzles that you need to solve before you can rescue the ghost.

The good news is, there are clues that can help you out. There are also items along the way that you can use for your rescue plan. You just have to use your logic to complete the rescue mission quickly. Halloween Scary Ghost Rescue is a brand new outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape. Good luck!

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