Halloween Scary Clown Circus Escape

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A circus had been erected in the land but it’s not just an ordinary circus however, for it had a theme of Halloween and everyone expected it to become quite the spooky place! Well indeed it will be, but little did these group of friends know though that there is something in the place which was more than spooky.

Mary and her friends went into the place to have fun and enjoy a little fright, they were all-over the place and were quite noisy. As they go around the place however, they did not know that something was already tailing them and when they realized that, it had already been too late! Mary was captured by this circus clown but it doesn’t seem to be just an innocent clown, for when he was able to capture Mary he locked her then inside a cage! The clown seems to be not a normal person either, for he had some sort of enchanted aura and that is one of the abilities Mary has which she was really not too aware of. Those abilities of hers cannot help her on this problem however, the only ones that can are her friends and you escape players! At the moment though her friends are failing to find her, this is all on your hands now escape players, will you be able to help Mary out of the cage before this scary clown returns?

Halloween Scary Clown Circus Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Scary Clown Circus Escape

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