Halloween Reddish Pumpkin Escape Game

Halloween Reddish Pumpkin Escape

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Now the houses in the neighborhood looks festive and spooky! Well not at all scary for Adam who lives in the area, but guess it is spooky enough for the kids who were roaming around trick or treating, Adam is also a part of the spooks committee in the area, there is that in their neighborhood for they make Halloween very festive and a bit competitive. Adam looked around checking the decors of the other houses to see how their area is going, pretty spooky indeed but as he went however, he experienced something very weird and quite spooky as well!

Adam suddenly found no people in an area and it was silent there! It was bright and filled with Halloween decorations but where are the kids and the people there? Adam entered and looked around, it was very weird for every part of the neighborhood now have at least 5 to 10 people, but what's going-on there? Maybe the people living in this area is preparing something? Little did Adam know it's more than just that. Escape players, Adam will experience something pretty confusing and is also an inconvenient thing where he was, will you join him to see what it is? Go ahead then and try to solve this one for Halloween too!

Halloween Reddish Pumpkin Escape is the newest point and click spooky area escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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