Halloween Pygmy Goat Escape Game

Halloween Pygmy Goat Escape
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It is Halloween once again and this time the mayor has a special request for you. The mayor wants your pet pygmy goat as the mascot for the local village feast of the town. At first, you are hesitant. However, this would be a good chance to show off you prized pet to every one in town. You then ask if you would get any compensation. The mayor laughed and you deduce that surely there would be one.

Everybody in town has begun decorating their houses and preparing their costumes. Some are creepy and spooky, some are weirdly funny, and some are peculiarly sexy. You pay them no mind and focus all your attention in dressing up your pygmy goat. After hours of tirelessly working on the costume of your cute little goat, it is ready to be worn. You call your goat over but when it saw the costume, it bolted out of the room running away. You immediately chase it and find it has trapped itself in a creepy house.

Halloween Pygmy Goat Escape is a spooky point and click escape game from Games 4 Escape. In this escape game, you must help out your poor little pygmy goat escape from the house.

Use your wits and cunning as you solve puzzles and figure out a way to help your goat. Good luck!

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