Halloween Pumpkin Haunted Forest Escape Game

Halloween Pumpkin Haunted Forest Escape

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There is a reason why the once blooming village had been abandoned, for now the land had been taken-over by the darkness mysteriously and it all happened in just a week! Everything was now dark and spooky there and it even gets worst on Halloween according to the people living near the place. The abandonment as they called it happened years ago, and as a villager there once, James had always been curious why their village and where did all of this darkness come from? That's why one day on Halloween's eve, James will enter there for he thinks he will get some answers in the place on that time.

James have been studying the area for years but only from a distance, now he'll make his entrance and really get some data that can potentially answer what happened there a long time ago. But James will find-out soon enough that the place will be much dangerous for him and from when he realized that, there is a small chance now to escape from it! Escape players, James must escape now while he still has a chance and besides he already has at least some valuable data in his hands, will you help him escape and quickly? For the area became active really upon his presence now.

Halloween Pumpkin Haunted Forest Escape is a brand new point and click scary place escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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