Halloween Pumpkin Escape Game

Halloween Pumpkin Escape

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The witch who lives in the forest have cursed people who comes near her area for years, that's why nobody goes there. But one day however for the first time in recent history, the witch got her hands on a person and she cursed him immediately! That was Robert's friend and they were too young to see the danger of what they were doing, and that is entering the forest and find that witch to see if the stories are true! It was definitely true and they both found that out the hard-way.

Robert escaped successfully though before the witch got him, but that only brought guilt for he had left his friend to save his life. That's why the day after the incident, Robert mustered strength to return and rescue his friend. Robert was now cunning and vengeful as he got to the house of the witch, that's only so he can cover his fear for he is definitely afraid of that hag. As Robert enters, he was astounded! For the house on the inside looks well-furnished and it's like an ordinary suburban house's interior design! As he sets his foot there, the door just slammed shut and that is where Robert's mission begins. The last thing he saw of his friend is that he got turned into a pumpkin humanoid thing and the witch called him her pumpkin boy servant, Robert doesn't know how to revert him back to his human form but what's important now is he needs to get his friend out of there! Escape players, Robert might need help here for the magic of the witch is clearly above him. Be ready on this rescue then and expect illusions to come from nowhere.

Halloween Pumpkin Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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