Halloween Pumpkin Desert Escape

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It’s Halloween and as always, pumpkins come popping-out of the land and that’s even so when the place is a desert! This is most certainly caused by magic, for people have been trying to uncover what’s happening there but they still haven’t come-up with an explanation. That day, Desmond is in the place to see these vegetables growing in the desert, it is most interesting too that this only happens during Halloween. But as he journeys the place, something happened and now his focus is directed to something else.

Desmond is now lost in the place and he is really not liking this for his safety isn’t ensured there. He really needs to find his way back for this is the desert, it can get extremely hot during the day there and extremely cold at night, so he needs to find his way and he needs to do that carefully, for if he is not then he’ll get even more lost there. Escape players, want to help Desmond here so he can safely get himself to where he is suppose to be?

Halloween Pumpkin Desert Escape is a new point-and-click dry wilderness escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Pumpkin Desert Escape

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