Halloween Provoking House Escape Game

Halloween Provoking House Escape

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You finally bought a property for yourself. You hired an interior designer to make it look like your dream house. It was just a studio but you were very proud to call it your own. The day you were about to enter the studio and see the final work, your friends called you up. They were so excited about going on a Halloween trip. You instantly raised your eye brows but you listened anyway. You tried to excuse yourself but they were so eager about it. And you didn't want to disappoint them as well. So you postponed the date of your moving in to your new studio. They said they'd take care of the accommodation and stuffs. You just needed to be there. You felt relieved at this. Upon arriving at the location, you saw that it was a Halloween themed house.

You looked at them worryingly but they were just smiling and saying it would be okay. You all entered until they remembered the missing supplies. So they excused themselves and left you to rest for a while. You wanted to buy something as well but as you turned the knob, it wouldn't budge. Play Halloween Provoking House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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