Halloween Petty Witch Escape Game

Halloween Petty Witch Escape

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Halloween Petty Witch Escape is brand new point and click spooky rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule for more fun rescues with us on the eve of Halloween. Enjoy!

Charles is a soul lost on Earth and for hundreds of years since he passed, he had just been watching life come and go waiting for his time to come and ascend. It had been very hard to be unrest, but even then he still has two awaited days every year which somehow he becomes stronger mysteriously. Both those days only comes once a year, one is all-souls day and the other is on the eve of Halloween! It's not only him that gets stronger during Halloween, also other creepy things too and on that day, he just roamed around the forest for he never did that for centuries. That's when he realized that somebody actually needed his help instead of him needing help.

There was this witch where Charles went and he saw that she was in a snag! The witch can see him fortunately, and when she did she asked him to help her then. Charles doesn't know what he'll do, isn't she suppose to be stronger on this annual event? Well Charles decided to help the witch still for this could be the key for him to ascend, that is to help someone in need. Escape players, come and give your hand to Charles here as he tries to save a witch who was trapped. Good luck then and have fun this Halloween!

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