Halloween Party Game

Halloween Party

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Your friends were always asking you to hold a Halloween Party every year. But you likewise always had an excuse not to do so. It seemed like fate was with you every time. You didn't like holding parties as large crowds drain you. However, you had all the resources for an awesome party. You own a lot of properties which could be perfect for the party you could hold. But you didn't like any of the preparations and after care that came with it. So you always end up financing the party and letting your friends handle the rest. Yet this year's Halloween was different. Your friends made sure that your schedule was open on the date of the Halloween Party. You tried to insert some work just so you could escape the party. But they were way ahead of you and already talked to your superior about your break.

It would be embarrassing to ask your superior to move it once more. And so you planned for the party. You bought a property just recently but you hadn't checked it out yet. You decided to use it for the party. Upon arriving there, you saw that it already had decorations as the previous owner held a party there as well. You were about to leave as it was already decorated. But you couldn't find an exit. Play Halloween Party outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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