Halloween Party House Escape 11

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You’re feeling something is off the moment your foot touches the ground. Your friend whom you haven’t talked for almost five years contacted you last night. It seemed like she was too happy to get to talk to you once more. You hardly understood her words. After a couple of minutes of shrieking, she ended the call herself. You somehow felt happy that she still remembered you. Although looking back, you never heard from her again after your graduation. Nobody knew where she lived or where she went. It seemed like she just disappeared. And to hear from her again is both a cause of joy and worry at the same time. Then you received a text message from her asking you to come to a Halloween Party House. You’re hesitating but you also want to know how she is.

So you accepted the offer and dressed up for the part as well. The place is well lit. And you somehow sense the fun of the place. But when you enter, you can’t see anyone. There’s a cat with a very unusual wide grin that’s seems to be a cause of worry. However, it’s Halloween. Yet the moaning coming from somewhere is just plain creepy. Play Halloween Party House Escape 11 room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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