Halloween Party House Escape 09 Game

Halloween Party House Escape 09

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You're laughing inside as you think about the screams you'll hear later when your friends discover what you have done. They made you in charge of the Halloween Party House for your Halloween celebration this year. You're not really good when it comes to design but you can make some things pop out of nowhere to make them scared out of their wits. So you let the place look as normal as it can be. However, you spend so much time on attaching wires and simple robots on places no one expects. You also stage a scenario where you accidentally mixed up some chemicals while preparing for the party which turn you into a zombie. Zombies don't appeal to you but your friends dig them so you might as well give them what they want. Then the night approaches.

You hide among the stuffs inside the house as you wait for your friends to arrive. But half an hour already pass by and your friends are still not around. They're not the type to arrive late in this kind of celebration. So you take out your phone to call them when you suddenly hear some groaning somewhere. You look around and find zombies lurking inside. Play Halloween Party House Escape 09 room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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