Halloween Party House Escape 08 Game

Halloween Party House Escape 08
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A mortifying scene happens right before your eyes. It is a scene right out of a horror movie. Zombies are running all over the place and terrorizing innocent people. You still have a nasty headache. You then check your head and find out you suffered a concussion. It was most likely from a debris falling on you. Luckily, the wound is not that bad. You are still able to move your body and think straight.

Thinking it is the correct decision, you go back and retrace your steps. It is probably wise to avoid the commotion that you witnessed earlier. After what seems to be an eternity of walking, you find yourself inside a huge house. You surmise that an extravagant Halloween party was held here. There are no signs of people here and they might have fled.

You have no choice but to figure a way out from here. You heard of rumors that this particular house is owned by a wealthy tycoon and that this house a safe house. Any safe house worth its salt must have an escape route.

Halloween Party House Escape 08 is a thrilling point and click escape game by Games 4 Escape. Look for clues inside the house. Solve the puzzles using your logic. Good luck!

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