Halloween Party Escape 2020 Game

Halloween Party Escape 2020

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It's Halloween again and the rituals of the ancients must be done as a part of a pact made centuries ago. As the current guardian of the said pact, Samson must travel through the dark forest in the eve of Halloween just to get to the center, there is a temple there with an orifice and he must thrust his ancient sword in that and the pact is done! Pretty simple right? Not at all unfortunately, for there is another use of the sword there, and that is to defend himself against the dark forces in the place which are active especially on Halloween!

It's not that easy but Samson have done that at least 10 times for he is in the guardian duty for 10 years now, and just like any other year he managed to do his job there and it's now, it's time to go home. Samson thought this is going to be another successful mission of the year, but he was dead wrong. Samson was attacked by hoards of dark beings and because of that, he lost his sword! Samson cannot move further out of the place without it for he still has a long way to go and a lot to face yet! Samson must find his sword right now and by doing that he needs to remain focused. Escape players, Samson is going to need some help there still for he is not really an expert in finding things. Will you help him out so he can leave for home? Careful then and be ready for anything.

Halloween Party Escape 2020 is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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