Halloween Nightware Door Escape Game

Halloween Nightware Door Escape

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Halloween Nightware Door Escape is the newest point and click scary escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun on this adventure here in such a haunted place!

It's Halloween that day and where else to spend the time to be thrilled and excited, but in a place not everyone is willing to go. Behind a really old door in the ancient ruins nearby, is a set of complex rooms which is absolutely haunted, for not only that the place there is crawling with shadowy creeps, there are also this scary death-reaper thing that is constantly following anyone who enters the area, they all fear that if he catches-up then he might take them away finally.

Simon wanted to try that said place for he was feeling brave that day and maybe, he might be able to figure-out why the place is active as well as what motivates it. Something might be in the center of that place and it could be that the spooks are protecting it, that got Simon encouraged to really check the place out and in no-time, he is in there being followed by the scary things! Escape players, Simon is hesitating to keep moving for there is a heavy concentration of scary things in an area there, will you all have the courage though to proceed? Go ahead then place yourself on the shoes of Simon, good luck and try not to get caught by them!

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