Halloween Mr Spike Escape

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People knows how dangerous the land becomes when Halloween comes, that’s why everyone should stay clear of the forest before the eve of the day comes and for the time, it is going to be tonight! Jeremy is still in the forest though for he was still looking for his friend Mr. Spike. This friend of his is really not normal at all but he needs help now for this wilderness is quite big and he really doesn’t know where to start looking for him.

Escape players, the sun will be setting in a few hours and when it does, the unlucky ones who are still in the said forest will meet their fate. That’s why Jeremy here needs help for he is currently alone in the search and he doesn’t have help. Will you you be able to help then? If so then be quick in spotting clues everywhere which can all lead you to where Mr. Spike is. Make haste now but be careful, for you might push yourself and Jeremy deeper into the wilderness here and that will be another problem which you all don’t have time to fix.

Halloween Mr Spike Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Mr Spike Escape

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