Halloween Mountain 06

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In the previous game, Jack was asked by the witch whom he works with to find this potion in the castle where she lives. Jack managed to find that thanks to your help escape players, but that task however has a follow-up and now that must be done as well! Jack couldn’t really defy the witch, so he’ll do it whatever it is.

Jack was asked to find this pumpkin head somewhere in the nearest mountain and when he heard that, he immediately have doubts with that! Jack doesn’t really want to travel that far, and he is also concerned of what ghastly wilderness he will be getting himself into in finding that thing. Well he really can’t say no now, but at least he debated with the witch about it to release his frustration, but eventually he is still going to do it. The pumpkin head is what it is, just a pumpkin head but with a scary Halloween face on it. His job was to take this potion he initially found and bring it to the head, there will be an item that will pop-out then and he must take it and bring it back to the castle. Seems pretty straight-forward, but the adventure there will be hard and escape players, your help is definitely needed here once again.

Halloween Mountain 06 is a new wilderness item retrieval escape game developed by WoW Escape. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Mountain 06

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