Halloween Mask Game

Halloween Mask

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The best part of the Halloween is probably the Halloween party. It's only once a year that you can dress up as you favorite character. This year, you want to be "The Mask" but the problem is, you don't have a mask. That seems odd so you have to find a mask that you can wear. You remember that you wore a mask on a school play last year. That mask can do the trick but the thing is, you can't remember where you hid it. You can't go to the party without a mask so you have to do your best to find it. Since you don't have an idea where could it be, you have to look for clues that can help you to locate the mask.

On the other note, there are some puzzles that you have to solve along the way. Therefore, you have to use your logic if you want to escape from the room and attend to the party on time. The party will start soon so you have to be quick. Play this newest room escape game from Mirchigames and find the Halloween Mask as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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