Halloween Mask Girl Escape Game

Halloween Mask Girl Escape

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During the Halloween Party, you saw a pretty girl and since then, she got your heart. You tried to follow her everywhere until the party is over. You want to make sure that she'll be home safe so you didn't stop following her. But instead of heading to her house, she went to a forest. Moments later, she took off  her mask and revealed the real her. She is not the pretty girl that you fell in love with anymore. The truth is, she is a witch and she lives in this forest. You just want to get away from this place so you have to find a way to escape before she sees you here. However, there are puzzles that you have to solve before you can escape from here. Because of that, you have to hurry and use your logic to complete those puzzles.

To help you with your situation, there are clues around the forest that you can find. There are also objects that you can collect and those objects can help you for your escape plan. Play Halloween Mask Girl Escape outdoor escape game from 8b Games and escape from this place as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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