Halloween Light House Escape Game

Halloween Light House Escape

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The neighborhood mixed the two occasions between Halloween and the upcoming one which was Christmas, as a result the neighborhood has Christmas lights and scary stuff at the same time! It doesn't look bad however, but as a resident there Christian was definitely not happy, for he got lost in the place due to that! Christian is sensitive to bright lights especially in the night and he knows that, but he wanted to see the place's new antics for all of his friends recommended it. Christian admits it was great at first but as he went along the houses, there was this one area which was too bright and that somehow got him lost in the houses!

Christian should have brought his light sensitive glasses for it's his only weapon against his condition, but he was so excited that he forgot and he didn't really expect this to happen to him at all. Escape players, Christian needs help here now for he can definitely get in danger there if he keeps moving aimlessly. Help him navigate through the beautiful decors of the area and slowly.

Halloween Light House Escape is the newest point and click houses escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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