Halloween Jack Escape Game

Halloween Jack Escape
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Halloween Jack Escape is the newest point and click scary night escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun on this spooky escape adventure here with us!

Halloween is quite fun for most people, but for June it is kind of bad for the small town where he lives in becomes quite like an abandoned town. On that eve every year, the place becomes very eerie and people have said that people must stay inside when that time comes, for it is true that the darkness takes people here if it finds him or her roaming around in the night. That is absolutely real and a lot of people who suddenly went missing during that time have never returned or found. Well, that's pretty unfortunate for them but for June however, it looks like he is at risk to be the next victim for earlier in the day, he got hit on the head by something while he was outside and when he came to, it was already night!

This is absolutely a bad time to get fainted, for it's night already and it's even Halloween! June must find his way back or the things in the darkness will have him next on its list. Escape players, June needs to get home right-now before he sees the things that takes people on the eve of Halloween. Good luck then everyone, enjoy on this spooky escape!

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