Halloween Haunted Door Escape Game

Halloween Haunted Door Escape

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Halloween Haunted Door Escape is a brand new point and click scary escape game from Games 4 Escape. Enjoy this extra dose of fun escape with us this Halloween!

The Halloween haunted cave possesses everything especially darkness, but every eve of Halloween though the place lights-up and is inviting guests over to try out its challenges, or it just wants to have a taste of human again! The cave can be very dangerous and for centuries, the place had been taking human lives in different ways, may it be dangerous accidents, to spooks so scary, it can kill. Carl got very frustrated of being scared of the place, that's why he decided to check the place out as well and he just took the small chance that people can actually escape and live to tell the tale.

Carl is now in the first hall of the scary caves and it's already intimidating! But there is no turning-back now, he'll just have to push forward and escape up to the other end. Escape players, want to try the Halloween scary escape challenge here with Carl and see if you can all make it out safely as well? Place yourself on the situation of Carl here then where he can't just turn-back and give-up. Good luck and stay as alert as possible too. Have fun!

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