Halloween Green House Escape Game

Halloween Green House Escape

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Out of all the house you could have landed on, your feet landed on the Halloween Green House's ground. It was part of your transportation lesson. You were hours away from this house and you didn't even wish to get near it. However, prior to the transportation exercise, your friends were loudly talking about it. They wished none of them would land on its property. You heard a lot of stories about this place but you chose to just ignore them all. Focusing on the rumors would just make you think about the place more and eventually land on it. Just like what happened. You should've moved away and looked at prettier pictures before the test. Then maybe you could've found yourself in a prettier and brighter place. You couldn't do anything about this unless you complete the challenges. This thought made you sigh.

Then again, you could still find a way out of here. You just had to endure the creepiness of the place and the eerie sounds that go with it. You found your first item and it gave you the hope of finishing what you accidentally started. Play Halloween Green House Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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