Halloween Ghost Rescue Game

Halloween Ghost Rescue

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Eric was helping this ghost and no matter how ridiculous it sounds, he has the so called sixth sense which is understandable, and this ghost had been bothering him for a long time until, he finally broke one day and accepted whatever help the ethereal being wants. The ghost told Eric that it needs to find its body and it's actually easier, for it knows its name and upon further research, Eric got some hints of data that it's in a cemetery nearby. Eric was ready to do this but there is a catch according to the ghost, for it must only find its body on Halloween's eve! Upon hearing such Eric almost declined, but he knows the ghost won't stop in asking help so he though what choice does he have now?

This is really not scientific at all for aside from Eric having that sixth sense, he works in a research lab and what he is doing now got nothing to do with science, well at least for now. Eric and the spirit was at the cemetery in the dark and he keeps getting spooked by the current happenings which was Halloween's eve, the ghost told him also to keep an eye on itself for there are dark things up and about and there are a lot of them that will take the ghost away. Well unfortunately Eric failed that one, for something did capture the ghost and it's nothing that Eric had come against before! Escape players, want to join Eric here and see what's the problem and if ever, can you solve it quickly then?

Halloween Ghost Rescue is another new point and click spooky rescue escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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