Halloween Gardening Escape Game

Halloween Gardening Escape

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You're task this year is to prepare the garden for Halloween. Last time you were in charged of Christmas. And you didn't have to do that much since the snow made the garden majestic. However, for Halloween, you need to prepare the pumpkins. So a few months before Halloween, you already contacted a farmer to prepare the pumpkins. You want to have blemish free pumpkins so the designs on it can stand out. However, the farmer fails to deliver adequate numbers. This makes you contact other farmers. But of the blue, someone approaches you from a corner. He offers you some pumpkins for your garden. You look at him in surprise. But you really need the goods right now so you didn't dig deeper on him anymore. He delivers the pumpkins to the garden as he promised. Yet as he's unloading it, you somehow feel there's something strange with them.

You leave the garden for a while to let your team work on it. However, someone calls for a meeting and no one's taking care of the decorations. But when you arrive, the pumpkins are where they should be. They are even glowing giving the perfect Halloween effect. You're about to leave to tell your client that everything's ready. Yet, you can't. Play Halloween Gardening Escape outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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