Halloween (Fun Escape Games) Game

Halloween (Fun Escape Games)

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Halloween is a brand new point and click eerie house escape game released by Fun Escape Games. Have Fun navigating in a place alone and in darkness.

It's Halloween but at the moment while those trick-or-treating and spooks are happening, Jarred was investigating a huge house which everyone thought it abandoned, but no it isn't for he sees objects being moved there from places through day to day processes, signifying that there is someone living in there, not very tidy on his or her things too and it looks like he or she is on an investigation as well. Jarred might be on to something here and because he made it inside thanks to his meddling, there's no turning-back now he must proceed to what he wanted to find-out and quickly before the current owner of this place finds him out!

Escape players, Jarred is on a daring adventure here through a big house in the night of Halloween. Care to join in on this Halloween challenge and see if you can find-out something as well as escape quickly afterwards? Good luck then everyone, be careful in moving around the darkness of the house here or you might trip something like a trap!

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