Halloween Flower Crown Escape Game

Halloween Flower Crown Escape

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Halloween Flower Crown Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval spooky escape game released by Games 2 Rule. Have Fun!

The treasure which was called the flower crown only appears and is most easy to retrieve during the spooky hour of Halloween's eve, Ken had been trying to get to it for years but on every Halloween that he had been through, nothing have been sweeter than the present one, for he thinks he is getting closer to this crown and he just hopes the end of this will finally be over. Ken is now in the right area for a lot of clues have come-up and it's very convincing now that he is on the correct track. Will he be able to find that Halloween flower crown now?

Escape players, Ken had been through a lot of challenges and he expects this one is not going to be that easy too, but he is going to keep pushing-on the adventure though, care to join in with him and push on the adventure as well? Go ahead then, for this retrieval adventure you really have to open the best of your skills and logic, maintain focus as well for the spooks in the area will try their best to sway you away from the treasure. Good luck then and stay alert!

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