Halloween Find The Witch Broomstick

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There is an evil witch who lives in a really scary stone house, but she does not do anything though unless if somebody messes with her then that’s a different story, and one can bet too that the witch will not let that slip pass through her. That day, that’s what Marco is trying to pull for he knows now that there is a real-live witch living near his area, and what amazes him about her is her flying broomstick! Marco plans to take that broomstick and fly away with it, that is definitely reckless and even though his plan was filled with flaws and downsides, he still went with it!

Marco went alone for he wants this mission to be his only and nobody else should get in trouble if ever this plan of his fails, which has a likely possibility. Escape players, will you help Marco here retrieve the witch’s broom with the hopes that he wouldn’t even meet her especially in her scary domain? This mission of his is a pretty bad idea, but it’s an adventure so will you join him so this can be successful?

Halloween Find The Witch Broomstick is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.