Halloween Find The Witch Boot Game

Halloween Find The Witch Boot

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The witch is quite the scary entity known across the land! It's unfortunate for anybody who comes across her for a lot of people have before, but because she was powerful and all, nobody was able to escape from her. Still eye-witness accounts existed for the place where she lives is actually near the village where a lot of people lives including Barton! Barton lives poorly in a small house there in the village, he had already lost too much in his life and that's why he decided, maybe he can just give himself up to the witch that day? Or what about end her once and for all so that the village can be free from all of this misfortune? Barton did just that and with all the courage he mustered, that finally got him face to face with the feared entity in the area.

Fortunately though, the witch was somehow in need of help and is not in a mood to play, guess Barton was lucky there. But instead it looks like the witch selected the first option in Barton's mind and why he wanted to meet the witch. He was told to find her boot around the village, Barton didn't know why her boot was in the village but guess that he'll do for he suddenly saw how dangerously close he was to death and he decided to help the witch to save himself. Escape players, Barton here needs to find that witch's boot somewhere, will you be able to do that without anybody knowing or else, be branded as the witch's helper?

Halloween Find The Witch Boot is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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