Halloween Fearless Door Escape Game

Halloween Fearless Door Escape

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Halloween Fearless Door Escape is a brand new point and click spooky indoor escape game released by Games 4 Escape. Have Fun on this escape here from an old and a bit scary place!

The now converted Halloween room was once an abandoned and a really old structure, it's so old that the walls there are made of stone quarried from a rock pile miles away from the location. Centuries have passed and the rooms of the place seems to have become stable, engineers and experts have already checked it and in the end, they gave a go to convert it to a temporary horror place, and that day Donnie decided to check it out!

Donnie was now in the Halloween horror room and it's the first this year, which is why he was eager to try it now. Donnie didn't regret his decision though, for the place was absolutely good and it's down-right challenging. But something happened in there and Donnie who was currently on the challenge just got trapped in there! A malfunction must have occurred or something and now the complex's doors could not be opened no more. Okay, this situation is on Donnie now and he must solve it for he fears this might get worst and he'll never be able to get out from this. Escape players, why don't you try this scary escape adventure here with Donnie? Stay alert and spot clues which can be helpful for you in-order to escape. Good luck!

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