Halloween Fear Door Escape Game

Halloween Fear Door Escape

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Try this escape adventure here in a spooky room! Halloween Fear Door Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun!

The Halloween fear room is absolutely extreme and only a few would really go there to finish its hard and scary challenges. The challenge is pretty simple, to explain that is, one must escape from the room filled with the spooks and scariness that sits in the corners there. That still captivated Lester no matter how much rumors he gets from the place and he even still tried the room even though he was warned by his friends who had already been there and bailed in the middle, not to go. None of his friends ever made it to the end and he just wants to prove to them that he is different, well will he be able to?

Escape players, the room has all the darkness you can imagine, but Lester still took the challenge and hope he is not wrong with his decision. You can all join Lester here everyone, use the best of your skills and logic plus, you have to try your best to ignore the scariness for they can really sway you from the right path. Good luck everyone!

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