Halloween Fairy Girl Rescue Game

Halloween Fairy Girl Rescue

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In a dark area of the land, there are these really old houses and it gets even darker there especially on Halloween. People don't go there at all for they know what can happen to them in the place, and for the worst a lot have already gone missing in the said land never to be seen for again. That's why Drew whenever he goes in there for he sets traps there to catch food in the area, he brings his good friend the fairy who was the only thing that can guide him in and out of the place. In exchange for the little being's services, Drew offers food to it and companionship, that started a year ago between them and now they are really good friends. One day however, it looks like the fairy is the one needing help now, for when he asked for its aid, he immediately got a subliminal message from the fairy that it is lost in the area where they frequent!

How could that be? Pondered Drew, the fairy knows its way and now she is the one needing help? Something weird is going-on here and because Drew had no choice, he needs find his fairy friend in the area somewhere and rescue it. He better find that fairy, Drew said to himself. For if he doesn't then there is a huge chance he'll be the one who is going to get lost in the place and there is a huge chance too that he won't make it out of there for he doesn't have a guide. Escape players, want to play as Drew and see if you can find his fairy friend in a day which happens to be Halloween?

Halloween Fairy Girl Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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