Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Resort Game

Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Resort

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Enjoy the scary resort here with us. Halloween Escape From Pumpkin Resort is the newest point and click spooky escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun everyone!

The pumpkin resort is a haunted place but even then it's a perfect one to visit especially for the ones that are fond of scary things, it's Halloween that evening and Justine just wanted to check the place for fun and adventure. Scary things dwell there and people tends to still have fun there for no scary thing can really bring-down the hurt on anyone, at least not yet. Well one evening however, Justine experienced something pretty different and it's not the same as the people are experiencing.

Justine just got lost in the area and after that, he squinted a bit of fear from him and that was enough for the spooks to detect it! Now, they are approaching him for they all want a taste of his fear. This is definitely the worst and Justine must escape right-now before the situation spirals down to the bad part, will he be able to escape from the place in the dark without so much as a grab from those scary things? You can join in as well escape players, good luck on this adventure with Justine.

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