Halloween Escape From Pumpkin House Game

Halloween Escape From Pumpkin House

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Halloween Escape From Pumpkin House is the newest point and click Halloween escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun on this adventure here with us!

The pumpkin house in the dark forest has this hidden treasure and people have been trying to get to it all the time but well, they couldn't for everything that's there are stopping them from proceeding. Theo is confident that night that he'll get to that treasure and with the help of his team, they'll thwart this challenge and get out of there then safely. All of them knew that this is really a bad time in venturing the dark forest, for it's Halloween's eve and the paranormal things there are extra powerful! Will Theo be able to get what they came for and escape without getting tormented or worst?

Escape players, Theo is pretty close to this treasure now at the pumpkin house, but every time they are confronted by something not humbling, they keep on deciding whether to go back or keep pushing further, for turning-back is a pretty good idea when things like that happens. Theo ain't going to push for now though, for he values his teammates more. Join Theo then everyone, use your skills and logic for this spooky escape adventure. Good luck!


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