Halloween Escape From Haunted House Game

Halloween Escape From Haunted House

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Halloween Escape From Haunted House is a brand new point and click scary house escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

The huge house in the dark part of the town was once a modern house for its time, but it got neglected for years and even decades! Now, it is just old and nature is starting to take it back, but even then the house is strong and that's why it still stands today. Well even though it stands, the rumors of the place being haunted is growing with it and it's even getting stronger nowadays. That's what encouraged Leonel to go to the place just to discover how haunted it is, well he will come to know how in the most hardest of ways unfortunately.

Leonel was now in the house and when he entered, a mysterious force occurred and now he can no longer leave the place! Well that's not all, for the place was not only hoarding ghosts, it also has zombies! Leonel is now in a hard-way in the haunted house and he was already trying his best to escape as safely as he can, for if he is not careful enough then the spooks might get him, quickly enough too before the spooks pile-up in an area where he is at. Escape players, care to join in on the haunted house escape with Leonel and see if you can find the way out? Go ahead then everyone and good luck!

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