Halloween Escape From Fear House Game

Halloween Escape From Fear House

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Come and join us on this escape from a house of spooks! Halloween Escape From Fear House is a brand new point and click spooky indoor escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

The forbidden mansion near the suburban area where a lot of people lives have set the warning not to go in that place for some reason they won't exactly tell what. Well that's enough for Mon though to get him to be very curious of the place, so that day while there is still daylight left, he decided to enter there in that house so to see what had been bugging the adults that they decided for everyone not to go there. Mon is going to find-out what that is and sadly, he wouldn't like it.

Mon enters the house as quietly as possible so that he'll remain stealthy, but his quiet moves wasn't enough for the witch who was actually the thing that's living in there and what's everyone was afraid of, noticed him pretty quickly! After eye-contact, the witch passed a subliminal message to him and it said, because he trespassed after he was told not to go, he must accomplish the witch's challenge and if he can't get that done, he will now belong to her! Mon was pretty petrified now, but the challenge of the witch was pretty simple, he must escape from the house before the sky completely darkens and that's it he is free, well easier said than done. Escape players, why don't you join Mon here and see if you can successfully finish this challenge with haste? Good luck everyone!

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