Halloween Escape From Dumped Place Game

Halloween Escape From Dumped Place

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Halloween Escape From Dumped Place is the newest point and click scary place escape game from Top 10 New Games for another fun adventures here in a place filled with the spooks. Have fun!

There is a place called the dumped place and it is an area not for anyone to just enter. It is a place being forsaken and all the spooks which had been shooed away from different places around the world is being thrown into, now a lot of unholy things dwell there and it's not very safe to make that adventure on such grounds, but even when the warnings have said and done for years, there was this one guy who really did not get the hint.

Jude heard about the place and it so happens that it's actually just a couple of miles away from where he was living! That brought him to a decision that he'll check the place out with very little knowledge of what he must expect there. Well there's more unfortunately, and those alone got him spiraling to the place's trap! Escape players, clearly Jude had already fallen for the forsaken place's very deadly trap, but there is still a chance of him getting out for not all of the scary things there have seen him yet. Place yourself on the situation of Jude here then, good luck on the escape and of course, stay alert as you do.

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